Admission and Registration

The main task of the Admission and Registration Unit of TAGUCB is the admission of students who wish to begin their studies at the University College. This Unit is also responsible for maintaining all student records and general administration related to admission and registration. If you have any questions about your admission, do not hesitate to contact the Admission and Registration Unit.

The specific functions of the Admission and Registration Unit are:

  • To welcome prospective students and support them through the applications process for joining the university, and also to screen applications for admission purposes

  • Announce the names of successful applications and to retain students' certified documents and credentials

  • Administer and announce the weekly lecturing schedule prior to the commencement of each academic semester

  • Prepare and announce the final examination schedule to students and university members

  • Administer the student registration process at the start of each semester, and to administer the process of 'add and drop' of the courses within the designated dates

  • Prepare important statistics to be used for internal purposes as well as outside of the university

  • Designate student grades and to extract their final averages

  • Review students' academic plans

  • Provide sponsors with performance reports of sponsored students

  • Issue transcripts and other documentation requested by students

  • Provide the Computer Center with data required for admission, registration, examinations and plans

  • Apply all academic measures required to the granting of the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the university