Code of Ethics

TAG-UCB faculty and staff members are committed to the following principles that guide their conduct of behavior.

The Pursuit of Knowledge and Truth
Through scholarly inquiry, we seek to pursue knowledge and truth. Through instruction and classroom discussion, we seek to encourage a passion of learning, to correct misconceptions, to foster the rigorous examination of ideas, and to transmit knowledge.

We nurture a climate of professional care, concern, fairness, transparency and civility towards others while recognizing and embracing each individual’s dignity, freedom and diversity even in the face of disagreement.

Honesty and Integrity
We act and communicate truthfully and candidly. We uphold the University College’s values and make decisions based on the greater good, conducting ourselves in a manner which is free of personal conflicts or apparent impropriety and self-dealing.

We openly share relevant information with stakeholders regarding the processes used in developing policies and making decisions for TAG-UCB.

We use University College resources in a wise and prudent manner in order to achieve our educational mission and strategic objectives. We do not use its resources for personal benefit or gain.

We conduct all University College affairs diligently, exercising due professional care and striving to meet the high expectations we have set for ourselves, as well as the expectations of those we serve wherever we are.

Responsibility and Accountability
We are trustworthy and answerable for our conduct, decisions and obligations and we comply with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures. We recognize our obligation to report any unethical conduct to appropriate authorities.