TAGUCB occupies six floors of the TAG-Org building in Manama which incorporate classrooms, meeting rooms, administrative and faculty offices, cafeteria and a library.

Our educational environment reflects the dynamicity of business environment. TAGUCB has responded to the development of technology by designing state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories equipped with the latest technological tools.

Our classrooms are tiered to provide an unobstructed contact with the instructor. All classrooms are equipped with computer projectors mounted in the ceiling and padded swivel chairs for the comfort of the students.

Audio-visual language centers are designed to allow students to learn languages by listening to correct statements and pronunciations and then recording and listening to their own pronunciation. This facility is designed with individual booths for the students, each equipped with the necessary hardware.

Video conference center allows live and direct discussions with lecturers, students and guest speakers wherever they may be located.

TAGUCB’s library houses many volumes of reference material and is equipped with computers that have an access to international libraries through memberships that are available for free to the faculty and students.   Lockers are available for students.

As the curriculum is phased in and as the number of students grows, TAGUCB will expand into much larger facilities.