In line with the vision and the mission adopted by TAG-UCB, the educational programs are designed to produce the following goals:

  • To provide students with the latest educational knowledge and technical skills that are required in today's global economy.  To this end, the language of instruction is English to allow students to learn from the most modern textbooks which are normally published by U.S. authors.

  • *Emphasis is on the problem solving method of instruction as the objective of the university is to train students to make intelligent arguments, engage in negotiations, defend their viewpoints and reach sound decisions.

  • *Emphasis on communication skills. Students make oral and written presentations to face the feedback from peers and instructors.  There are also written research papers in certain courses.

  • *Emphasis on high ethical standards and integrity.
  • Guest lecturers present hold seminars related to current business and economic issues.
  • *Arranged tours to business establishments to allow the students to observe first hand manufacturing and business processes.
  • *Emphasis on life-long learning skills. Education does not end at the doors of the College; students are equipped with the ability to continue to learn and adopt further skills.