Student Life

At TAG-UCB, we give our students our utmost attention!

Exciting campus

We thrive to make their life at Campus exciting, rewarding, and very progressive through several extra-curricular activities. Our campus is an extra ordinarily state-of-art campus, designed to assure that the university social and academic experience influences, challenges, empowers, supports and prepares students to live in, work in, and value our increasingly global and diverse world.

The building has been structured with high quality insulation, glass, central air conditioning, lighting, electrical systems and interior finishing. It has six large floors incorporating classrooms, auditorium, meeting rooms, administrative and faculty offices, cafeteria and a library.

Business like environment
Our educational environment reflects the dynamicity of business environment. TAG-UCB has responded to the development of technology by designing state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories equipped with the latest technological tools.

Class rooms
Our classrooms are tiered to provide an unobstructed contact with the instructor. All classrooms are equipped with computer projectors mounted in the ceiling and padded swivel chairs for the comfort of the students.

Language center

Audio-visual language centers are designed to allow students to learn languages by listening to correct statements and pronunciations and then recording and listening to their own pronunciation. This facility is designed with individual booths for the students, each equipped with the necessary hardware.


Our library houses many volumes of reference material and is equipped with computers that have an access to international libraries through memberships that are available for free to the faculty and students. Lockers are available for students.

Professional development
We give our students the opportunity for professional development and to initiate their own community towards innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

TAG Knowledge Center
is the latest initiative taken by HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh. The idea of TAG-Knowledge extends beyond standard statutory obligations of corporate social responsibility and rise towards dedicated efforts of an enhanced quality of life for its employees, students and their families, and then to the local community at large.  TAG-Knowledge is the intellectual and knowledge-enhancing expression of this overall objective. Targeting the Arab youth and striving to foster human resource development, TAG-Knowledge aims at granting modern tools and the latest in the information and communication technologies field. Its mission is to cultivate a large number of well-rounded local professionals possessing a competitive edge resulting from international exposure, all provided by a one-stop-hub supported by TAG.Global experts.

In align with TAG-Knowledge, TAG-UCB built up a Knowledge Center that enables our students and other universities students to gain a unrestricted horizon of knowledge through a state-of-art computerized center, that enables users to free access to significant e-journals and e-books as well as high speed internet.
·      Raise awareness about business and its dynamic nature
·      Provide business development activities to enhance student entrepreneurship skills
·      Enable students to become aware of practicing business, by encouraging students to develop their own business with a slight financial aid

TAG-UCB Business Club member’s main duties are:
·       Participate and help organize events and forums.
·       Organize field trips to area companies for each major annually.
·       Help in the professional development of Business School students.
·       Encourage the sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility.
·       Promote communication among students, and faculty members.
·       Educate TAG-UCB community on business topic
·       Take active role in all business activities in different areas inside and outside the university.

All TAG-UCB undergraduate and postgraduate students are welcome to become a TAG-UCB business club member, through filling and submitting  business club application form available at Student Affairs Office

Alumni Association
TAG-UCB Alumni Association is dedicated to keeping graduates and future graduates connected to the university college. The main objective of the Alumni Association are to:
1.     Keep TAG-UCB spirit alive and develop awareness of the knowledge gained from the university experience.
2.     Recognize members and students’ knowledge, experience and distinction that will benefit TAG-UCB and other members in their professional life.
3.     Gain up-to-date knowledge that will enable to compete and succeed in the present and future knowledge-based Global Economy.

The Alumni Association selects a student ambassador per each major and for each academic year based on the following criteria:
1.     The assignment of the ambassador is based on voting from the colleagues of the same major.
2.     The assigned student ambassador must be listed at the Dean Honor List one time at least.
3.     The assigned student ambassador must not conduct any unlawful actions.
4.     The Association members of the students shall be elected each year.

The members of Alumni Association Duties:
1.     Student Affairs Office duties are to build a distinctive Forum for the Alumni Association on the TAG-UCB e-learning system, align the Association mission with TAG-UCB mission, organize the electing process, organize the Association meetings, and officially distribute all the Association news and decisions to the concerned entities.
2.     Each Student Ambassador duties are to formulate a group for the major per the enrollment year, assign a head ambassador for each major, recognize each student knowledge and distinction, and organize activities for each group individually and the association as a whole.