Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University College of Business (TAG-UCB) was established in 2012 based on Decision No. 4 (2012), issued by the Higher Education Council. This was announced in the official newspaper (Ref : Issue 3077, dated 8 November 2012)

TAG-UCB aims to develop a cadre of future business knowledge leaders who can compete and succeed in a dynamic working environment. Our commitment to our students, to academic excellence and to regional development is reflected in our motto “Where the Gifted Become Knowledge Leaders”.

TAG-UCB is fortunate to have the financial resources and support of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global) which is committed to making TAG-UCB a premier undergraduate University College in not just in the GCC but in the Arab region as well. As a true University College of Business, TAG-UCB develops business professionals for whom geography, culture and communication are interwoven. A true reflection of the same can be seen through our Vision and Mission Statements.  


Providing a learning environment for the talented to become creators of knowledge and wealth.  


Our mission is to holistically develop future leaders in a supportive and stimulating learning environment, encouraging knowledge economy based research, fostering business entrepreneurship that would enhance the social responsiveness for community service, and outreach with all stakeholders.  


 1. To strengthen our efforts to recruit, attract and educate an excellent and diverse body of students.
2. To provide students with the latest educational knowledge and skills.
3. To support students in becoming  practical and critical thinkers who are eager life-long learners.
4. To perpetually grow and develop instructional programs to meet the needs of students in a globally changing environment.
5. To enhance community involvement by offering TAGIUNI (Talal Abu-Ghazaleh International University) professional development courses and TAG Forum seminars.   
6. To actively participate in joint research programs and international conferences.   


Our educational approach is centered on the following principles:
1. Commitment to standards of academic quality.
2. Merit as the primary criterion in recruiting faculty and staff.
3. Equal access to excellent educational opportunity.
4. Commitment to providing students with knowledge and skills that are relevant to market needs.
5. Emphasis on interpersonal skills, professional competencies, English language, teamwork and strong communication.
6. Emphasis on the case method of instruction in order to train students to make intelligent arguments, engage in negotiations, defend their viewpoints and reach sound decisions. 7. Emphasis on high ethical standards and integrity.
8. Organizing guest lectures and business seminars related to current business and economic issues.
9. Organizing tours and internships in companies, banks and public organizations to allow students to observe real business world.
10. Providing opportunities for study abroad in international universities.  
11. Emphasis on life-long learning skills.