ICT Support and eLearning

TAG-UCB strongly believes in the use of Information and Communication Technology in all facets of its operations, teaching, and learning. The campus is equipped with sophisticated ICT infrastructure that allows integration in all aspects. Upon enrollment, students are given a TAGITOP, TAG-UCB account, and TAG-UCB email.

TAG-UCB has its own Student Management System integrated with an  eLearning Platform for course management and online interaction. Our ICT systems provide a secure framework to support all of our students and faculty in teaching and learning. 

For further inquiries, please email ittagucb@tagucb.edu.bh

With TAGITOP, produced in co-operation with Samsung, students can work on their homeworks, access the Internet, and login into the various ICT systems of TAG-UCB and TAG.Global. It has a set of built-in programs including free access to Abu-Ghazaleh Cambridge IT Skills Demo Exam, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh ICT Dictionary, Talal Abu- Ghazaleh Business Accounting Dictionary and Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property Dictionary.

Please visit TAGITOP website for more information www.tagitop.com