TAG-UCB thrives to create a highly competitive business education based on national and international benchmarks in order to prepare future business knowledge leaders, by offering quality and relevant degree programs. As a premier University Business College, TAG-UCB attracts highly qualified students from Bahrain and across the region, contributes to research and development needs of the nation, and prepares students to participate in the emerging fields of knowledge economy. With a strong focus on skills in business, concepts and theory, critical thinking, entrepreneurship and innovation, and new tools, TAG-UCB will continue to train students capable of competing within the regional and international community. Along with rigorous, diverse and innovative academic programs, students of TAG-UCB enjoy a flourishing campus and rewarding student life. Its unique academic environment and state-of-the-art facilities attract renowned faculty to further strengthen the impressive educational opportunities at TAG-UCB.

The teaching strategy is driven by excellence in order to prepare qualified professionals. It is based on implementing modern and relevant business degree programs and maintaining a community of scholars devoted to quality education. TAG-UCB endeavors to establish collaboration agreements with world-class universities as well as renowned businesses to promote study abroad and internships for all of its students and to attract international students towards developing a multi-cultural environment and promoting student exchanges. Therefore, TAG-UCB continues to recruit outstanding faculty and students and provide them with the tools and environment they need to thrive and excel. With our motto "Where the gifted become knowledge leaders", TAG-UCB is committed to prepare graduates with outstanding academic and interpersonal skills ready to meet the challenges facing the local, regional, and global economies.

A key element of TAG-UCB teaching is the focus on practical experiences and problem solving as part of the learning process. Internships in Bahrain or abroad are mandatory for all students. In addition to theoretical teaching and learning, students are exposed to different types of practical experiences embedded in most of the specialized courses;  provided intensive assignments and many case studies during their study; and given the opportunity to interact with experts, businessmen, and high-ranking professionals.

Admission and Registration
The main task of the Admission and Registration Unit of TAG-UCB is the admission of students who wish to begin their studies at the University College. This Unit is also responsible for maintaining all student records and general administration related to admission and registration. If you have any questions about your admission, do not hesitate to contact us.

The specific functions of the Admission and Registration Unit are:

To welcome prospective students and support them through the applications process for joining the university, and also to:

-Screen applications for admission purposes
-Announce the names of successful applicants and to retain students' certified documents and credentials
-Administer and announce the weekly lecturing schedule prior to the commencement of each academic semester
-Prepare and announce the final examination schedule to students and university members
-Administer the student registration process at the start of each semester, and to administer the process of 'add and drop' of the courses within the designated dates
-Prepare important statistics to be used for internal purposes as well as outside of the University
-Designate student grades and to calculate their final averages
-Review students' academic plans
-Provide sponsors with performance reports of sponsored students
-Issue transcripts and other documentation requested by students
-Provide the Computer Center with data required for admission, registration, examinations and plans
-Apply all academic measures required for the granting of the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees by the University.