Teaching Policies

The teaching polices, relating to obligations of and benefits for TAG-UCB faculty, staff, and students, include:

Course Policies
At the beginning of each semester, faculty members shall provide a clear and complete syllabus, including the number and kinds of assignments, and shall inform students of permissible academic conduct, in particular on issues related to collaboration, use of previous material, reports, and assignments.

Classes begin at their exact scheduled times and students who come late are encouraged to be punctual by their respective instructors.

Course load
· Students carry a minimum load of twelve (12) credit hours per semester and a maximum load of eighteen (18) credit hours per semester.
· A student may register for up to a maximum of 21 credit hours in the Fall or Spring semesters upon approval of the department head, provided that the student’s cumulative grade point average is equal to or greater than 3.0 and/ or the student needs to complete the graduation requirements.
· Students may register for up to a maximum of twelve (12) credit hours in the Summer semester.

Residency Requirements
The minimum period of students’ residence to complete their program is three (3) years and the maximum period is eight (8) years.

Program Postponed

Students are allowed to postpone their studies for no more than two semesters. Absence for three consecutive semesters requires the student to re-apply for admission.

Academic Probation
· A student is placed on academic probation if in any semester his/her cumulative average falls below 2.0 out of 4.0. The student must return to good standing by raising their cumulative GPA to 2.0 by the end of the next two semesters following the semester in which he/she was placed on probation.
· Summer semesters are not taken into consideration.
· Students under academic probation should not register for more than twelve credit hours.

Repeating Courses

A student who fails a course is allowed to repeat it and the failing grade will be replaced by the new passing one. The transcript will show both the original and the repeated grades but only the repeated course will be counted towards the calculation of the student’s GPA.

Class Attendance
· Regular attendance in all classes is required.
· A student is allowed a maximum rate off 15% absences per course.
· A student with a valid excuse should not be absent for more than 25% of the total class meetings.
· Any student exceeding the allowed absences will be withdrawn from the course and grade WF (0) will be recorded in that course.
· Medical and non - medical excuses should be submitted to the registration office within a period of no more than two weeks from the date of absence, knowing that medical excuses should be obtained from a recognized medical clinic or hospital.
· Students who are absent from a class meeting are responsible for all assignments and announcements made in their absence.
· Warnings are issued to a student regardless of the reason for the absence.

In each course, students sit for a first exam and a final exam. The first exams are usually held during the 7th Week for a weight of 25% of the total grade. The final exams are held during Week 17 at the end of each term for a weight of 40% of the total grade, and are scheduled through the registration department. Finally, 35% of the total grade is given to assignments, presentations, projects and other activities.

All exams are scheduled at the beginning of the term and may not be cancelled once they are announced. In case of exam conflicts, please inform the registration office by email: registration@tagucb.edu.bh.

After the last day of classes, no makeup examinations, oral presentations, exercises or assignments of any kind may be scheduled. Formal reviews must be held during regular class periods. Optional reviews or sessions are encouraged in all subjects after the last day of classes.

Exam Attendance
· A student who fails to take the final exam and has an excused absence approved by the Dean shall be granted an incomplete grade.
· Students should be allowed to take the make-up exam before the end of the next semester and the time will be determined by the instructor or the department concerned. Summer courses are excluded.
· Students who are absent from the final exam without an excuse accepted by the Dean of TAG-UCB will receive an F grade (0) for the final exam.

Grade Appeal
Students who wish to appeal a final grade should first consult with their instructor. If the instructor does not resolve the complaint, the student should submit a formal written complaint to the registration office for a fee of 5 BD, no later than one week from the final grades being issued.

TAG-UCB follows a Letter grading system: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D- and F, with a passing grade of 60%. The following table gives the details of the grading system.