General admission requirements

To apply for admission, applicants must hold a High School Certificate or equivalent. Applicants holding foreign certificates (British GCE, American SAT, International Baccalaureate, etc) are required to submit an equivalence to their certificate issued by the Ministry of Education in Bahrain, whether the certificate is obtained inside Bahrain or abroad.

TAG-UCB adheres to strict local rules governing the Higher Education programs taught within the country, as well as those imposed internationally.

To qualify for admission, please submit:

1.Original Copy of Secondary School Certificate & Transcript of Records issued by the ministry of education.
2.If transferred from other university,
 withdrawal letter and transcript of records.
3.Photocopy of passport.
4.Photocopy of CPR or any valid ID for foreign student.
5. Medical certificate issued by Medical Health Center or any approved private hospital.
6. 4 passport-size photos.
7.Take TAG-UCB English placement test or submit English language results: IELTS (>4.5) , TOEFL (>500).

Please note:

Students who do not pass the TAG-UCB English placement test are required to take the foundation program in their first semester.

Students who transfer from another university would need to present a written proof that they have not been dismissed from the previous university for disciplinary reasons.

Transfer students from other local or international universities are given credit for course work completed at other institutions provided that the total credit transfer does not exceed 50% of their degree requirements.

All applicants will be interviewed for admission.

You can find the Application Form on the main Menu at the Home Page.

We accept applications for enrolment for Fall, Spring, and Summer semester of each year. For Fall, enrolment applications can be submitted before 30th September, for Spring - before 15th February, and for Summer any time before 15th June. On average, the application process takes up to one week.
Please note that there might be changes in application deadlines. Such changes will be communicated through our website and social media accounts.

Transfer Students:
TAG-UCB welcomes transfer of students from other accredited universities. Transfer students from another university can take advantage of transferring all courses that they have taken and are equivalent to TAG-UCB study plan, provided  their grade in transferable courses are at least "C" (70%).

Guest and exchange students:
TAG-UCB welcomes guest students at its campus as well as exchange students from partner universities. If you are interested please contact TAG-UCB Student Affairs office by email:

Tuition Fees:
Details can be obtained by writing to