Student Support

We support our students with variety of services to enable them succeed through out their productive and distinctive journey at TAGUCB.

Internship and study abroad
We support our students in finding internships in Summer as it is a graduation requirement. We encourage our students to spend a semester abroad in one of our partner universities in the UK and the USA. To learn more on this opportunity please visit the Student Affairs office. 

Career counseling
We provide our students with comprehensive resources to support them in their future career by identifying their academic and career goals. Then we help them customize course selection as well as internship placement opportunities.

At TAGUCB, we are proud to build a dedicated family, where education does not end when a degree is awarded; it extends to provide an employment for every single graduate of the University College, whether it is within the premises of TAG.Global or with TAG.Global Affiliates Companies. Student Affairs Office will coordinate with TAG.Global  Recruitment Department to activate the process of employment for interested graduates.

Workshops and seminars
We organize regular workshops and seminars on variety of topics. In Fall 2014, we will announce a series of workshops and seminars to all TAGUCB students in coordination with international experts and professionals. 

Health Services
Please visit our clinic at TAGUCB for medication or any health counseling and advise.

GCC and International Students
At Student Affairs Office, we provide guidance to GCC and international students on aspects related to accommodation, visa, and others.
1- Accommodation for a suitable rental and allocation of a roommate if needed. Students are free to select their accommodation preference in hotels, hotel apartments or flats around campus in Manama. Rental Costs vary depending on accommodation type and number of occupants. Below table gives approximate rental accommodation costs:

2- Visa
International Students (excluding the GCC passport holders) shall apply for a student visas, through the General Directorate of Nationality, Passports and Residence (GDNPR) in Bahrain, and will be subject to approval or refusal. TAGUCB Student Affairs Office with coordination with TAG.Global  Registration Department provides students with all support services in applying and pursuing the approval of GDNPR. The Costs are plus/minus 120/- BHD including the application fees, residency permit fees (student visa), exit and return fees.

3- Living expenses
A high quality of life is matched by an attractively low cost of living, especially when compared to other major cities in the GCC” as quoted by Economic Development Board from the “Sector Guide to Investment Opportunities in Bahrain” report.