Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum - TAG-Forum: is designed to serve as a catalyst for dialogue and the exchange of ideas on economic issues among business leaders. The primary purpose of the TAG-Forum is to generate new ideas to boost economy and social equity in both Arab and international regions, realize the vision of GCC leaders, and to establish a linkage with international economic and business research centers.

While at the doorstep of the Knowledge Age, we need to radically revise our old ways and prepare for a different future. Human activity continues to develop fast, often faster than we can cope with. It is our essential duty at TAG-Forum to save no effort to keep pace.
Initially, TAG-Forum was created to provide the business community with a platform for debate, as well as for diagnosis, research, study and continuous assessment of all aspects of business and economy at local, regional and international levels.
At some point, we needed to adapt and expand.
In the fast-emerging Knowledge Age, neither business, nor varied economic activities can be dealt with separately from all and every other intellectual engagement, mainly education and culture.
In concert with Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global, TAG-Forum functions  as part of a comprehensive structure serving not only business, but every other interest of the human mind towards a prominent and secure place for us in the future.
To this end, TAG-Forum hosts business persons, academics, experts, scientists, educators, industrialists, persons of letters, artists, government officials, community leaders and many others and provides them with the ways and means for promoting activity and standards; for analyzing and eventually resolving problems; for conducting research; for overcoming obsolete methods in favor of innovation and progress, and for networking with the wider world around us.

For more information, please visit: www.tag-forum.org