TAG-UCB is your smart choice!

TAG-UCB aims at becoming an example of a world-class business university college. Its aim is to develop a cadre of business leaders who can compete and succeed in a knowledge-based global economy.

TAG-UCB shows how continually shifting knowledge, contexts and strategies can affect innovation and ensure students are able to adapt information and apply the results effectively.
With the current competition, firms are now required to succeed in a culturally sensitive marketplace where resourcefulness is a prized asset. As a true business university college, TAG-UCB prepares leaders for whom geography, culture and communication are interwoven into the fabric of life.

If you are aspiring to be a business leader, a top business executive or even an entrepreneur, TAG-UCB is the right choice for you.

- TAG-UCB is a learning community dedicated to the vision of its founder: to provide quality education for GCC citizens to reach their full potential.

- TAG-UCB offers a challenging and rigorous curriculum that provides a unique blend of technical and professional programs, the foundation for which is rooted in traditional academic areas. Programs are case study-based and learner-centric that is unique in Bahrain and the other GCC countries.

- TAG-UCB’s reputation for excellence in education has been established in part through its current, relevant coursework which produces graduates with the hands-on skills allowing them to be productive employees from their very first day of employment.

- TAG-UCB provides students access to a quality learning environment through its state-of-the-art campus, online learning and partnerships with both local and international partner institutions and career technical centers.

- TAG-UCB provides an education that serves as the basis for lifelong learning by providing the skills needed to lead a productive and enriching life in an ever-changing world.

- TAG-UCB builds professionals who will be sought after by business and industry before they even graduate.

- TAG-UCB’s education does not end the moment the degree is awarded to a student. It extends to providing assistance with the finding of employment for every single graduate.

- TAG-UCB is committed to the highest standards of academic integrity and expects the students to exhibit exemplary behavior in this regard. Merit is the primary criteria in recruiting students and faculty.

- TAG-UCB encourages gender equality in access to educational opportunities.

- TAG-UCB is committed to providing students with the latest knowledge and technical skills that are integral in today's global economy.

- TAG-UCB fosters interpersonal skills, teamwork and strong communication skills.

- TAG-UCB provides education that serves as the basis for lifelong learning.